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Early Treatment

Age 7 is the perfect time for your first orthodontic exam

Beginning at the age of 7, children can begin consulting with our Orthodontic Specialists to formulate the best plan for growing smiles. Many children have adult teeth that begin to grow in and there are already signs of misalignment. With early intervention, our team can begin to customize a plan for treatment to help your child feel confident as they grow.


Age 7 is the perfect time for your first orthodontic exam with Dr. Reece. At this age, usually, the first adult molars have erupted and baby teeth in the front are becoming loose. Although many kids do not need braces at this time, it is an excellent opportunity to evaluate crowding, crossbites, airway problems, excess spacing, habits (thumb/finger sucking, and tongue thrust). By catching dental problems early, it may prevent more expensive, longer, and complex treatment later. Treatment at this age is typically referred to as a Phase 1 treatment.

Alamo Orthodontics provides metal braces, ceramic braces and rose gold colored brackets. Invisalign is also utilized when suited best for the patient needs. 


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