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Adult Treatment

Adult treatment

At Alamo Orthodontics we treat people of all ages. As an adult, braces or Invisalign aligners are utilized to meet all of your orthodontic needs. We take care of crowded, maligned and impacted teeth. Our goal is to give you the best smile and bite possible. We understand that beautiful, attractive smiles change lives but that comfort and shortest amount of treatment time are equally important. 


Our options include:

Metal braces.jpg

3M Rhodium metal braces

3M Ceramic braces


AO Rose Gold braces

Invisalign Aligners


In addition to orthodontic treatment we also offer TMJ/TMD treatment in the form of a bite splint and the utilization of BOTOX.


Bite Splints are hard acrylic mouth pieces that are custom fit to allow your jaw to relax and relieve pressure on your jaw joints. This is done to help alleviate stress headaches or Temporomandubular Joint Disorders (TMD) problems. In addition to bite splints, we offer BOTOX which is injected into the muscles adjacent to the TMJ’s, muscles in the forehead and cheeks. All this is done in order to alleviate painful headaches that result from overactive muscles in the head and neck. 


We also offer BOTOX for aesthetic purposes in the face and neck. These areas often include the forehead, adjacent to the eyes (crows feet), and around the lips and between the eyebrows. 


For more information on any of our treatments, schedule a free consultation today! 

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